In Transition

In Transition

Wow, guys!

I really can’t believe we’ve already reached mid-year. Geesh! There’s been so many twists and turns and adjustments within this last year. Mask mandates have been lifted in some states. People are returning to the workplace. Children are transitioning back into school. It’s like we’ve all been thrusted into this period of transition in some way, shape, or form. But, what does it mean to be in transition? Lets take a look!

According to, the word “transition” means to “change from one position, stage, subject, concept, etc. to another”. A few synonyms for transition are: shift, growth, and evolution. I really love all three synonyms, but I’d really like to focus on the shifting that takes place when we’re in transition.

When something or someone is in transition, a change occurs. No matter how big or how small, change is change, and any change is significant.

At this very moment, I find myself in transition to better. It’s a wonderful place to be! I can actually see how far God has brought me spiritually, mentally, and physically. I have reached a point in my life where I am embarking upon new beginnings and embracing my truth. While I am completely blessed to have gotten to this point in my life, I must say that there are times when this place of transitioning to better feels uncomfortable and scary. I find myself feeling excited and nervous at the same time.

Have you ever found yourself in a place in your life that you’ve hoped and prayed for, but when you arrived you wondered if you deserved to be there? Maybe you’ve been in debt for so long and now have financial freedom but this place of financial freedom feels strange and you feel like you’re undeserving of it. Have you ever wondered if you were really ready to receive the blessing? Can anyone relate?

What I’m learning is that this place of transition takes faith and the heart to push past feelings of uncertainties. The unknown can bring about fear if you allow it, but we serve a God who knows the beginnings from the end, and is ever-present for anything in between. Our Heavenly Father has already paved the way for us and made every crooked path straight. He graciously and mercifully orders our steps into greatness. But, we must transition from where we are to where God wants us to be.

Yes, we must move when God tells us its time to move.

We must let go when He tells us its time to let go.

We must plan and prepare, when He tells us its time to plan and prepare.

Also, we must execute, when God tells us it’s time to execute.

Perhaps you find yourself in this place of transition too. Things in your life are shifting. Things in your life are evolving. You may find yourself a bit busier than normal and don’t have much time for things you used too. Maybe you have lost interest in going to some places you’ve always gone to, but have found new interests in places that are true to who you really are. Maybe you’ve outgrown some of your childhood friends and have decided to do your own thing for the time being because its less drama and you have more peace. Perhaps you’ve come to terms with the fact that your job really isn’t your heart’s passion and you want to venture out to pursue your life’s dreams.

At this very moment, somebody’s transitioning from being an employee to becoming an employer.

Somebody’s transitioning from renter to homeowner.

Somebody’s transitioning from student to graduate.

Somebody’s transitioning from singleness to marriage.

Somebody’s transitioning from sickness to health.

Somebody’s transitioning from their small beginning to their greatest endeavors.

No matter where you are in your transition stage, remember Proverbs 3:5-7 which states, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path” (NKJV). This scripture is familiar, but it is so empowering in so many different ways. For one, this scripture lets us know that we don’t have to do anything without the Lord our God. He desires to be with us. He enjoys our company. We can put all our “trust” in Him because He truly cares for us.

Proverbs 3:5-7 also removes the pressure of us having to know everything. The scripture encourages us to “lean NOT on our own understanding”. This means we don’t and won’t know it all but, we can trust that God has everything under control. A lot of times we hinder ourselves from making moves because we want to know all the details. This scripture lets us know that God takes that responsibility.

Catch this! We must acknowledge who God is even in the midst of our transitions. This thing gets personal because you and I may acknowledge Him differently yet we reverence God’s power working in our lives all the same. For me, I may acknowledge Him as a Wonderful Counselor while someone else acknowledges Him as the Prince of Peace. All in all, He makes all things possible. God gets the glory! He must be acknowledged!

The most reassuring part of this scripture is that God WILL direct our path. So you, yes you, who have been worrying during this transition period in your life, God is steering the shift. You have been thinking that you have to figure it all out. Trust me, I have been thinking this way too. However, the truth of the matter is that God has already worked everything out for our good.

In closing, I can say that the best part of being in a stage of transition is knowing that I can talk to God at any given point and time. I can talk to Him when I’m happy. I can talk to Him when I’m confused. I can come to Him when I’ve lost my direction and don’t know which way to go. He never gets frustrated with me when I come to Him with my doubts and fears. I can feel God’s presence and know that I am not alone. The great news is that this same God is with you also on your life’s journey.

Things in our lives are changing. Things in our lives are shifting for the good. We are growing! We are evolving!

We are transitioning to better!

Much love,


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