Happy “Birth” Day!!!

Happy “Birth” Day!!!

Sound the alarm! Release the balloons! Dance a little jig! Let the confetti come down! It’s time to celebrate! Somebody, somewhere is celebrating someone or something that has been birthed into this earth.

“Birth” days are always special. When someone or something is born, it marks the beginning of life. It marks the beginning of a new creation. “Birth” days mark milestones. These moments are often memorable, joyful, and inspirational. I could go on and on, but the gist is knowing that “birth” days are noteworthy.

One thing in particular to take note about “birth” days is that there’s always a process leading up to the actual “birth.” Giving birth doesn’t just happen. There is conception, growth, development, and delivery. Also, there’s a period of preparation.

The seed (idea or fetus) is planted. It grows and develops overtime as you nurture it even as it is yet unborn.You plan and prepare for what is soon to come. You realize that the process is just as important as the delivery date. As time passes, you realize something is growing on the inside of you. (Fellas, don’t stop reading because this is for you too.)

The more this “seed” grows and develops on the inside of you, the more you begin to feel movement…life!

I came to let you know that you, yes YOU, reading this post are carrying life on the inside of you. We are all pregnant! Nope, I’m not crazy! Each of us are pregnant with ideas, creativity, and destiny. The world awaits your delivery date. The world awaits your “birth” day.

The world is counting on you to give birth to that business.

The world is counting on you to give birth to that website.

The world is counting on you to give birth to that recipe.

The world is counting on you to give birth to that podcast.

Just in case no one told you, you were chosen to create and recreate. The world needs your gifts. The world needs your talents. You are carrying around someone or something that is going to literally change the world.

Stop doubting your ability to conceive. Turn to the One who created ALL things. He is the Author and Finisher of our faith. If you didn’t get the memo, let me be the first to tell you that you are carrying greatness. The seed on the inside of you is something this world has never seen before. The church girl in me can’t help but say “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love Him” (1 Corinthians 2:9, NIV).

Today, I challenge you to speak life!

Speak life over your children.

Speak life to your book.

Speak life to your brand clothing line.

Speak life on the inside of you.

Let me say that some of you are in the period of preparation and that’s okay. This time is critical for you. Sometimes it might even feel painful. It’s important to remember, however, that the pain you may feel comes with a purpose. The closer you get to your delivery date, the closer you get to your destiny, the more tense your circumstances may become. You may feel some pressure, but through it all, don’t forget to breathe. Push! An entrance is about to be made!

Prepare to receive your blessing!

Prepare to receive your bundle of joy!

Lets make 2021 a memorable year! This is the year that you reach milestones. You are growing as the “seed” on the inside of you is developing. This is the year that you create!

It’s time for you to get excited about what God is doing on the inside of you. He is holding your hand. As you inhale and exhale, God alleviates the pain as you give birth to what only He can bring forth. When that day comes, the day that you give birth, don’t forget to celebrate! In the words of rapper 50 Cents “Go shawty, its ya “birth”day, we gonna party like its ya “birth”day!”

Much love and peace,


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