Dreams Do Come True!

Dreams Do Come True!

Hey ya’ll! As I’m writing, I still can’t believe I’m writing my first blog post. This really is a dream come true and I’m so excited that you’re here to share it with me. Please, please, please drop in from time-to-time for some “Heart to Heart” inspiration. Lets get to it, shall we?

For those of you who follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn, you know that I am a fan of Marianne Williamson, an American author, most commonly known for her poem, “Our Deepest Fear”. If you are not familiar with the poem, I do highly recommend reading it. This poem is special to me because a close friend of mine shared it with me during the time I had been running for Miss Allen University. At the time I was running for the title, I wasn’t sure if I would actually become the reigning queen.

My opponent was a beautiful young lady. She was a member of Delta Sigma Theta Incorporated (shout out to my Delta readers) and in my mind that meant she automatically had more connections than I did. I mean, I just knew that she would have more people backing her up. I was sure that she was more familiar with campaigning and would have no problem gaining the votes of our student body. In spite of believing that God told me to run for the position, I didn’t feel like the most qualified candidate. I seriously doubted.

One night during the campaign week, I crumbled under the pressure of getting things together for my campaign and juggling my classwork load. My ideas had ran low for winning over the student body’s votes and the few ideas I did have didn’t really seem all that elaborate. On top of that, my money was looking funny, so I couldn’t quite invest in the campaign like I thought I needed too. Time was winding down.

The night I had my meltdown, God had already worked things out. My friends assured me that everything would be fine. They asked, “How can we help? What do you need us to do?” So in their spare time, they would campaign for me while I was in class. One of my friends reached out to the former Mr. Allen and asked for his helping hands. He was very well-known around campus, but he knew little about me. In fact, I had spoken to him prior to the night I wanted to give up and he had already told my opponent that he’d work with her. For whatever miraculous reason, he had a change of heart and joined my campaign group. God used someone I had little to no connection with to be a part of my team. It’s amazing how God will send the right people at the right to time to work on your behalf.

In the midst of all the campaigning and preparing for voting day, I remember thinking, “God, I know its You.” When He has His hand on You, it is undeniable. When He gives you an assignment, know that He has already equipped you to complete it. He knows our strengths and our weaknesses and He is faithful to give us the help we need, exactly when we need it.

Things may not look like its going to work in your favor. The odds may seem stacked against you on our job,  at your school, in your home, in your relationship, in your marriage, in your health and finances. It may look like you’re going to be defeated, but remember with God on your side, you will WIN.

What God has for you, it is for YOU! Maybe you’re like me and you’ve doubted a time or two…or three or four. Maybe you haven’t met all the qualifications or simply don’t feel qualified at all. Maybe you’re not the most popular or don’t have the best idea all the time. Listen, the devil is a liar.

Do not fear failure.

Do not fear competition.

Do not fear intimidation. 

You are victorious. I won Miss Allen University, not because I was so great or any good deeds I had done. It’s about God’s plan and purpose. Guess what, the young lady that I ran against that year became Miss Allen University the following year. God can and will use any one of us IF we are willing to be a vessel, be a mouthpiece, be a witness to His people.

Will you be a vessel? Will you speak for Him? Tell somebody about His goodness!

I’ve enjoyed our heart to heart. Because this is a “heart to heart” feel free to comment below. I love you and until next time,

God bless! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Dreams Do Come True!

  1. I have definitely doubted my situation a time or two, or three, or four. Lol. But I PRAY, TRUST, and BELIEVE! Thank you for sharing.


    1. It’s crazy because He knows our doubts and our fears yet, He trusts us to fulfill His will. He’s equipped us with tools and all the resources we need to get the job done, but many of us don’t realize it. Like you said, we’ve got to pray, trust, and believe. Don’t panic! I’m so guilty of panicking at times. But, God be like bounce back. Lol! Thanks for your response.


    2. Very uplifting! There is strength in having an open heart especially for building others up. Thank you for being an awesome motivator. Let God guide and lead you.


      1. Thank you. You never know what people are going through. Some are hurting, some are discouraged, some are depressed, and the list goes. I believe we all need a “pick-me up” from time-to-time and I am humbled that God would share with me words for His people. Again, thank you for your response!


  2. Very encouraging piece! Frat can be a monster. Having faith is what will help get us over that threshold call fear. Thank you for those encouraging words.


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